13 Choices for Happiness and High Self-esteem

Image source:  Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

The "13 Choices for Happiness & High Self-esteem" first began when a young teenage girl in a drug rehab asked me, “Do you have high self-esteem? Can you tell me how to get it?”

I initially came up with five choices that she could start making that day that would improve her self-esteem. Over the next several years I continually analyzed my own life to see which choices helped me feel better about myself and which choices caused me to feel worse. My list gradually grew from five choices to thirteen choices.

The most surprising discovery was that I didn’t have to be perfect in doing any of these choices to have high self-esteem. All I needed to do was desire to make these choices a part of my life and then do the best I could. Finally, I got it. Change happens gradually. Focus on correct principles, and let it happen.


1. Spiritual

I choose to worship my Father in Heaven every day and live a Christ-centered life.

2. Physical

I choose to keep my body healthy and clean and avoid addictive substances at all times.

3. Mental

I choose to use my mind to create, explore the universe, and find my place in it.

4. Emotional

I choose to share my feelings kindly and honestly with others and strive to be peaceful.

5. Social

I choose to look at all people as equals and never judge or compare others to myself.

6. Psychological

I choose to accept full responsibility for all of my choices and never blame others.

7. Intellectual

I choose to educate myself on a daily basis so I’ll be useful to the betterment of society.

8. Organizational

I choose to work within the time frame I’m given without being stressed or rushed.

9. Environmental

I choose to keep my surroundings clean and beautiful and live in a house of order.

10. Financial

I choose to enjoy my work, live frugally, and use my means to help other people.

11. Recreational

I choose to only see and listen to those things that uplift and inspire the human mind.

12. Ancestral

I choose to be the transitional figure in my family to free future generations from abuse.

13. Moral

I choose to obey all of God’s commandments and love and honor each of His children.

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