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Jonathan’s Advice

There is no perfect marriage partner. Give each other a break! You’re all doing okay. Just keep repenting, apologizing, and picking up the pieces that fall by the wayside when you hurt each other’s feelings. Give the broken pieces to the Savior, and He will put them—and you—back together again. That is His divine calling. That is what the Atonement is all about. Let Christ be the One you turn to with your grief, pain, and sorrow. 

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Forgive and Forget? No. . . It Doesn’t Come Easily

It is true that you will feel better sooner if you stop re-playing on a daily basis the “video tape” of your spouse’s offences. But these memories may resurface again when you are least expecting them, which can be devastating when they occur. If you know these heart-breaking recollections may come and go occasionally, you’ll be better prepared to deal with them realistically and then be able to put them away once again.

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