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God’s Power: Alcoholics Anonymous #11

While I’m in the “habit” of praying every morning and night, I don’t always take the time to really meditate and ponder about the issues that are on my mind. What I have learned is that meditation, pondering, and prayer take less time than lying awake all night worrying over a myriad of problems. I don’t believe God wants us to feel alone and helpless. He wants us to let Him into our lives.

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Five Elements of Recovery

People must have Five Elements of Recovery in their lives to break free from the cycle of addiction: Faith in God, Desire to Change, Accountability, Family Love, and Friends with Integrity. I believe all five of these elements are essential to recovery. With all five of these elements working together at the same time, there will eventually be success. Without all five of them, recovery will be much more difficult.

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