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Because We Are a Family

In 1989, I wrote a song that I titled, “Because We Are a Family.” While it was originally written as a serious song to inspire my son Jonathan, it became a theme song for our whole family. Although it was totally a surprise to me, I was delighted when two of my teenage grandchildren got together during spring break on March 24, 2019 and made a hilarious video production of “Because We Are a Family” and put it on YouTube!

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God’s Power: Alcoholics Anonymous #11

While I’m in the “habit” of praying every morning and night, I don’t always take the time to really meditate and ponder about the issues that are on my mind. What I have learned is that meditation, pondering, and prayer take less time than lying awake all night worrying over a myriad of problems. I don’t believe God wants us to feel alone and helpless. He wants us to let Him into our lives.

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