Is it an Addiction, Compulsive Behavior, or Bad Habit?

Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest


I first read the “12 Steps” when I attended an introductory meeting at a drug rehab for my son, Jonathan, when he was fifteen. As I read the 12 Steps and listened to the group discussion, I thought to myself, “Why do these steps ring true to me? I’m not an alcoholic.”

What I realized over time was that although I had never had a drink in my life, I had many compulsive behaviors. When I started learning more about compulsive behaviors and how they were controlling my life without me knowing it, I knew I had to change.

I used to try and analyze whether the problem that was plaguing me should be called an addiction, compulsive behavior, or bad habit. One day it occurred to me that I should stop analyzing and just start using the 12 Steps to help me get rid of my problems. What I called the problem, was unimportant.  

One of my favorite little books, As Bill Sees It, is written by the founder of AA. No matter what page you turn to, there is a gem of wisdom to inspire and motivate you to make changes in your life. I like the quote about God’s love on page 51:

“When I was driven to my knees by alcohol, I was made ready to ask for the gift of faith. And all was changed. Never again, my pains and problems notwithstanding, would I experience my former desolation. I saw the universe to be lighted by God’s love; I was alone no more.”

Addiction, compulsive behavior, or bad habit? It doesn’t matter what you call it. You can change. God’s love will help you change.

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