God’s Power: Alcoholics Anonymous Step #1

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I memorized and pondered the “12 Steps” for many years. One summer morning in 2002, some poems started flowing into my mind. I quickly grabbed a notebook and pen and started writing down the words as fast as they came to me.

When I finished the last poem, I understood more fully how powerful and profound these twelve simple steps really are in helping all people (not just those trying to overcome an addiction) make permanent changes in their lives.

These steps have taught me how to feel God’s power in my life, repent, leave the past behind, make amends to the people I have offended, and embrace a new life. I titled this set of poems, God’s Power: Embracing the 12 Steps.

Step 1

We admitted we were powerless over our addictions—
that our lives had become unmanageable.


How many times
have I tried so hard
to do it on my own?

How many times
have I cried all night
feeling all alone?

How many times
have I fallen down
losing all my friends?

How many times
have I given up—
powerless in the end?

I am powerless—
I can’t do it on my own.

I am powerless—
I feel all alone.

I am powerless—
I’m filled with pain and strife.

I am powerless—
I can’t manage my own life.

Excerpt from “God’s Power: Embracing the 12 Steps.” I received permission from Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc (AA) to print the “12 Steps” in this collection of poetry.