Baby Steps

Image source:  Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

The first step is the hardest—
fear of the unknown,
fear of surrender,
fear of falling down.

You take the first step—
you do fall down.
You get back up.
You face your fears.

You take the first step again—
you don’t fall down.
Fear subsides.
Confidence grows.

You take the second step,
and the third, fourth, and fifth steps.
You fall down again and have to start over at step one.
But, that’s okay. It’s really okay.

You take the sixth step,
and the seventh, eighth, and ninth steps.
Sometimes you still fall down—and think about quitting—
but who wants to keep crawling on the floor?

You take the tenth step,
and the eleventh, and finally the twelfth step.
You think you are finished.
But you’ve only just begun.

Baby steps.