God’s Power: Alcoholics Anonymous Step #2


I believe in God’s power. I believe that complete faith in God can help bring the miracle of change into my life. I am not alone.

Image source:  Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest


Step #2:

Came to believe that a power greater
than ourselves could restore us to sanity.


Restore Me to Sanity

Where are the answers?
Where can I turn?
Is there a Power
Who can help me to learn?

Is there a Power
Who understands?
Is there a Power
Who will take my hand?

Yes, there is a Power
Greater than I
Who restores me to sanity
If I can but try—

To believe on God’s words,
To feel of God’s love,
To recognize God
As the Power above.

Excerpt from “God’s Power: Embracing the 12 Steps.” I received permission from Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc (AA) to print the “12 Steps” in this collection of poetry.