ABC’s for a Happy Marriage

A Collection of Original Poetry and Biblical Scripture

Poetry is shown below. Download PDF or Purchase for poetry with scriptures. 

A - Appreciation

is a tiny
key that will
unlock the big
door of happiness
in marriage as
you express thanks
for all the
little things you
do for one
another each day.


B - Budgets

are blueprints for
financially stable marriages,
so counsel together
as wise stewards
over everything you
earn and save;
then spend frugally
after discerning between
wants and needs
to avoid debt.


C - Communication

in marriage means
not only thoughtfully
listening to the
words being spoken,
but also embracing
all of the
silent, fragile feelings
until you can
both completely understand
each other’s hearts.


D - Dating 

your marriage partner
once a week
renews the memories
and the romance
that brought you
together in the
first place and
adds new experiences,
which will deepen
friendship’s tender bond.


E - Exercise

will help keep
you in great
physical health for
your marriage partner,
bring down your
stress level, and
lift up your
spirits as you
both confidently tackle
the world together.


F - Forgiveness

is Christ’s spiritual
gift that gives
you power to
heal sorrows and
mend souls, as
you remember past
offenses no more
and resolve to
look forever forward
in your marriage.


G - God

is the anchor
to every successful
marriage, so humbly
kneel together in
prayer each morning
and night, and
He will guide
you back to
one another time
and time again.


H - Humor

will quickly lighten
your heavy load
when all the
problems of marriage
seem too difficult;
so when everything
starts going wrong,
stop what you
are doing and
have a laugh.


I - Integrity

has greater value
than any other
ingredient in marriage,
for a relationship
built on complete
honesty and virtue
will always grow
and flourish, and
your souls will
be at peace.


J - Joy

in marriage comes
from Christ-like service,
first to one
another, and then
to those around
you, as you
unselfishly use your
talents to help
carry burdens and
give comforting relief.


K - Kissing

your marriage partner
is a delightful
way to express
many kinds of
thoughts and emotions,
and it radiates
a gentle atmosphere
of admiration and
affection when enjoyed
throughout the day.


L - Love

is like a
cascading waterfall that
quickly rushes in
with fresh, flowing
water to quietly
nourish your marriage
and quench your
unspoken thirst when
you frequently whisper,
“I love you.”


M - Music

that is beautiful
and inspiring has
a soothing rhythm
that will invite
Heaven’s melodies into
your own home,
weave harmony into
your relationships, and
decrease dissonant chords
in your marriage.


N - Nice

means being respectful,
kind, and considerate
in your thoughts,
words, and actions
toward each other,
for when these
common courtesies become
consistent in marriage,
you will always
be best friends.


O - Optimism 

is hopefulness that
inspires unflinching faith
and unwavering willpower
as you cheerfully
persevere with patience
to make all
realistic dreams for
your marriage and
your individual lives
come true someday.


P - Posterity

is a promising
gift from God
coming either planned
or as a
special surprise, and
His precious children
will deepen your
marriage covenants and
bless your lives
throughout all eternity.


Q - Quiet

solitude each day,
with time for
reflective scripture reading,
journal writing, prayer,
and meditation will
restore your reservoirs
and bestow great
spiritual depth and
energy to enrich
your marriage relationship.


R - Religion

will inspire and
solidify your marriage
as you both
put aside personal
differences of opinion,
seek earnestly to
learn divine truths,
and lean on
the Lord while
keeping His commandments.


S - Sex

celebrates the passion
within marriage that
creates new life
and binds you
tightly together, both
physically and spiritually,
as your yearning
souls are tenderly
cherished with love’s
strength and trust.


T - Time 

is a friend
if used wisely
and an enemy
if left to
chance, so prayerfully
plan priorities together
so you can
both feel successful
and still creatively
nurture your marriage.


U - Unity

in marriage blossoms
beautifully as you
come to know
Jesus Christ and
follow His example
while going through
the trials and
triumphs of life
together, as two
hearts become one.


V - Valentines

love notes, gifts,
and flowers are
fun ways to
spice up your
marriage with some
variety and excitement
as you go
out of your
way to brighten
your sweetheart’s day.


W - Work

is the fire
that ignites marriage
with warmth, light,
and security, for
the daily toil
of your willing
hands and minds
earns great rewards
and keeps love’s
flame burning brightly.


X - Xenial

means gracious hospitality,
a feeling that
emanates from your
marriage when you
separate from parents
to form your
own unique union,
then reach out
to others with
generosity and warmth.


Y - Yield

to one another
when there are
differences of opinion
to create a
strong, flexible marriage;
softly and truthfully
discuss disagreements when
they arise, and
explosive resentments will
cease to exist.


Z - Zeal 

for marriage is
a spiritual enthusiasm
that comes from
feasting on fruits
of the Spirit
as you both
enjoy the challenging
journey of life
together as eternal
husband and wife.