Woman, Wife, Mother—Woman Poems


earth life
with its heartaches,
misconceptions, deprivations, and deceptions . . .

existed unlimited
opportunities for learning,
expression, development, and growth.

backward in
time past these
stumbling blocks of mortality . . .

the gifts
of the Spirit
let budding intelligence rise.

Catch a Vision

a vision
of whom you
were foreordained to be.

the possibilities
from the preexistence
permeate your awakening soul.

your mind
to comprehend the
glorious promises of eternity.

your heart
to the understanding
of perfection in womanhood.

a vision
and remember it . . .
until it becomes you.


You are growing, changing, becoming . . .

A someone
with feelings
that ache
and stir
for expression.

Time seems long
with much held
for the future
when everything is
wanted right now.

You’re not a child
but your golden hair
and green smiling eyes
hold the innocent look
of the morning’s sunshine.

Yet shadows of
these rising suns
will quickly darken
your budding rays
if wisdom fails.

Be prayerful
and careful—
Time enough
patiently awaits
your desires.

You are growing, changing, becoming . . .


Celebrations of Understanding

step by step
the years unfold
often too painfully brand new
experiences which accelerate change
and execute exposure to fresh knowledge
silently ending my feelings of nothingness
with sudden celebrations of understanding

In the solitude of reflections,
when future strivings seem impossible,
I ponder quiet, struggling quests
of achieving one small victory
in the conquest of self
knowing at each exulting triumph
another failure lies still ahead
beckoning me again to abandon
my stumblings towards new growth
for to overcome the difficult
doesn’t seem worth the effort.

step by step
the years unfold
often too painfully brand new
experiences which accelerate change
and execute exposure to fresh knowledge
silently ending my feelings of nothingness
with sudden celebrations of understanding

When the numbness of tragedy
leaves the sting of bitterness
still burning my aching soul,
I recoil from the Light
who illuminates all of life
losing faith in a Creator
who allows such sudden sorrow,
forgetting that this pure Light
can also bring a warmth
like fire to quietly melt
the cold emptiness I feel.

step by step
the years unfold
often too painfully brand new
experiences which accelerate change
and execute exposure to fresh knowledge
silently ending my feelings of nothingness
with sudden celebrations of understanding


made the
pyramid strong,
sleek, straight, sure
as he cracked the whip the slaves
endured. How glad I am that God made
me to be individually molded and left to be free.

Perfection is a Flower

help me blossom
a little today
as I take upon myself
the name of Jesus Christ
and try to keep all thy commandments,
that I may add one new petal today
and another new petal tomorrow
until one day
I will be worthy to stand before thee,
having kept all the commandments.
And I will be perfect—
like one of thy other choice creations—
the flower.
But I will be more than a beautiful flower
in bloom,
for having reached perfection
I will be
a beautiful woman
in full bloom.

Winter Time

I sometimes see
a wrinkled tree
in winter-time
and think that
It is dead.

Then in spring,
I notice that
it is shooting
forth green bunches
of flowering leaves.

“Why it’s not
dead at all!”
I exclaim exultantly,
suddenly realizing new
life still exists.

I sometimes look
at people now,
wondering to myself
what growth is
hibernating within them,

Knowing that through
the lighting of
one divine spark,
budding potential blooms,
exploding in brilliance.

How great to
not be deceived
in winter-time
by somber brownness
of outward frames.

Conquering Sand Dunes

footprints on
the sand dunes
did not stay long
enough for anyone to notice,

behind my
back the wind
was very quickly erasing
the history of their journey,

my secret
and silently denying
others’ admiring eyes from
ever praising my triumphant climb.

memories will
never fade away
of tired, aching feet
struggling beneath a scorching sun.

soul still
sings with delight
from conquering the heights
of one formidable sand dune.

My Friend

You reached out today
offering to share part
of yourself with me.

I wondered at your
capacity to draw me
into your inner circle,

Realizing the amount of
energy it takes to
care about some else.

Then I understood that
I, myself, would be
of value to you—

For a friend not
only gives, but will
receive again in turn

As minds and hearts
nurture each other with
love’s strength and trust.

Strong Faith & Firm Mind

woman walked
tall and proud
carrying the heavy burden
of responsibility that was hers.

other person
could make the
sacrifices which she had
willingly agreed to bear alone.

eyes looked
straight ahead with
a perfect perception of
how constant she had to be,

if she
faltered it would
be extremely difficult to
regain her footing once again.

gone by
had been filled
with easier tasks that
hadn’t required her daily vigilance,

now lamps
had to be
filled with oil, wicks
trimmed, and vases brightly polished.

Bridegroom was
coming—the signs
had been seen—and
her light must be burning.

worked steadily,
knowing she was
a woman of strong
faith and a firm mind.

Broken Heart & Contrite Spirit

My heart was finally broken,
not for loss of love,
but from an aching soul
that was sorrowing over sins,
which caused my own Savior
to bleed from every pore
as he took upon himself
that greater pain than death
when he underwent the suffering
that any loving father would,
to loosen chains of bondage
and ransom his own child.

My spirit suddenly became contrite
having yielded to that influence
that could calm the troubled spirit
with perfect harmony and peace,
removing all traces of guilt
from a conscience freshly bathed
in the agony of repentance
and the ecstasy of forgiveness,
which cleansed the scarlet stain
and healed the broken heart;
knowing that through Christ’s atonement,
there would be no scar.


If I were on the run being chased, cursed, and shot at,
and if I had nothing else to hold to,
I would have faith
that the Lord would help me through.

But where is my faith
when I have just the little problems
attacking me, pulling me down,
making me feel discouraged?

I say to myself,
“It’s not worth bothering
The Lord about . . . I’m a big girl, I should
be able to work this out by myself.”

And I leave my faith alone.
And I find that I am left alone.

Does the Lord care
more about big problems
than about little problems?
But, what is big and what is little?

Is it a big problem if my physical life is in danger
and a little problem if my spiritual life is
stagnating because of too many pressures
and things to tend to?

Or vice versa?

Perhaps if I had every-day faith with every-day problems
and remembered that the Lord is consistent even if I’m not,
then I might be able to out run my common enemy
and be in control of my life, and really be me.

The wonderful, delightful, successful me,
Who get things done and has time left over
to do something special for someone special,
and be someone special myself . . .

With a consistent faith in the Lord.
Faith in the Lord.
Faith in me.
I have faith I can succeed.