Defining Yourself

Image source:  Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

As I've seriously studied the subject of self-esteem over the years, I've come to understand that it really is difficult to feel good about yourself consistently. Self-esteem is a complex equation that requires the addition of acquiring one characteristic after another until you achieve the total sum of its parts and find the answer for yourself.

With my two-volume World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary in hand, I studied the meanings of hundreds of words until I found the perfect ones that I felt described all the moving parts of self-esteem.

The following thirteen words, which go along with the 13 Choices for Happiness and High Self-esteem, are each like an individual spoke in a wheel that gives it the strength to carry the heavy load placed upon it.

These are the thirteen interrelated “self-esteem” words are:

1. Self-discernment

Keen perception or judgment; insight into oneself
Spiritual Choice

2. Self-discipline

Careful control and training of oneself
Physical Choice

3. Self-discovery

Learning or finding out about one’s identity
Mental Choice

4. Self-revelation

Disclosure of one’s real self
Emotional Choice

5. Self-respect

Having proper regard for the dignity of one’s character
Social Choice

6. Self-examination

Looking at one’s own state, conduct, or motives
Psychological Choice

7. Self-confidence

Believing in one’s own abilities, power, or judgment
Intellectual Choice

8. Self-guidance

Direction of one’s own course or action
Organizational Choice

9. Self-responsibility

Fulfilling one’s own obligations in a reliable way
Environmental Choice

10. Self-reliance

Dependence on one’s own acts or abilities
Financial Choice

11. Self-renewal

To restore, refresh, or rejuvenate oneself
Recreational Choice

12. Self-sacrifice

Giving up one’s own interests for the welfare of others
Ancestral Choice

13. Self-determination

Direction from within only, no force from without
Moral Choice

 I believe that proactively integrating these definitions into your everyday life will contribute to consistent feelings of happiness and high self-esteem and help to define who you really are.