Five Elements of Joy

Image source:  Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

I define "joy" as a combination of happiness and high self-esteem. To discover joy in the 13 Choices Happy Life Program, you must have the desire to learn from the past, make wise choices in the present, and visualize a future filled with opportunity. The word “desire” means longing or wishing for something with great intensity. Without desire, there is no change. With desire, you can become who you want to be. Pray for the desire to improve your life as you embrace the past, present, and future.

As you embrace the Five Elements of Joy, you’ll come to understand who you really are. High self-esteem is within you. You can discover it.

1. Faith in God

Your self-esteem needs to be built upon a strong, spiritual foundation. As you develop your relationship with God, your life will be filled with joy and peace. God loves you and knows you by name. Have faith in Him. When you want to feel God’s love, read the scriptures. When you want to express love to God, kneel down and pray. When you want to receive personal revelation, write in a journal.

2. Desire for Change

One of the greatest detriments to discovering happiness and high self-esteem is feeling depressed. There are ways to eliminate depression through medical, psychological, natural, and spiritual remedies. When you have a desire to change and are willing to seek help when you need it, you will learn to feel God’s “natural high” in your life every day.

3. Accountability

If you want to have high self-esteem, be accountable to yourself and to others for your actions. In simple words, do what you say you will do. If for some reason, you can’t keep a commitment, let others know as soon as possible. To keep commitments to yourself, it is important to counsel with a “mentor” to set personal goals and then report back once a week. A mentor can be a trusted family member, reliable friend, or a professional counselor when necessary.

4. Family Love

The family is the most important organization on earth and it must be given the attention it deserves. There is no real quality time without an ample amount of quantity time. Love and loyalty within the family are increased through acts of kindness and consideration. As hearts are softened through forgiveness and lives are linked through love, the family can anchor each other in the turbulent seas of life.

5. Friends with Integrity

Friends who are honest with you and stand by your side during hard times are a wonderful gift. As you seek true friends, you must be a true friend in return. It’s important to reach outside yourself and befriend those who look sad or lonely. When counting your friends, remember that relatives count—sometimes our best friends are found within our own family! Yes, “He is rich who hath two friends.”