How to Make a Bad Marriage Great

Picture source:  ebb + flow

Picture source: ebb + flow

A Willing Spouse

No one intends to have a bad marriage, but many couples have not yet figured out how to have a rich, fulfilling, meaningful marriage. If you would describe your marriage as “bad” right now, is there any hope that it can get better? Is it really possible to make a bad marriage great?


I believe through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and a lot of hard work and personal effort, that all bad marriages can become great marriages.

To build a great marriage, you both need to commit yourselves to living the gospel of Jesus Christ by keeping all the commandments of God and living clean, virtuous lives. It is also important to pray and study the scriptures individually and as a couple each day, attend church every Sunday, and reach outside yourselves by being of service to others in your church and community. It will also be necessary to find a professional marriage counselor or spiritual advisor that both of you trust and be willing to follow the advice that is given to you.

I recommend that you read my book, ABC’s for a Happy Marriage, and make the "Seven Keys to a Great Marriage" listed below a part of your daily and weekly routine.

Seven Keys To a Great Marriage


Pray and study the scriptures together every day.


Read good books or listen to audio programs about marriage together.


Plan together and keep commitments to each other.


Do little things to show love through your actions for each other every day.


Talk out and resolve all personal problems—then let the past go.


Do the “13 Choices Happy Life Program” together each week.


Take turns planning a fun, inexpensive date once a week. Occasionally plan a special, romantic date where you renew your memories of when you first fell in love and recommit yourselves to fully love each other once again.

An Unwilling Spouse

But what can you do if your spouse is unwilling to work with you in creating a great marriage? Be the catalyst for change. You set the example by  living all these correct principles yourself. Pray for a miracle and proactively love your spouse with all your heart. Don't set a time limit for when this miracle will occur, but "be of good cheer" as Jesus taught, and live your  life happily. After you've done all that you can do, let the Lord direct your path.

Love one another; as I have loved you.
—John 13:34