The Dream

I did not grow up wanting to change the world. My dream was to marry a wonderful man and have lots of children. My dream came true.

My son Jonathan wanted to change the world.

As you read about Jonathan’s life and death, I hope it will motivate you to help change the world by doing an act of kindness for someone EVERY day. Please encourage others to do the same. We all need to stop being selfish and start being selfless.

Excerpt from  Afterward: My Hope for a Better World

Jonathan’s mission is not yet finished. Not until every person has a decent place to call home, every stomach is fed, and all the innocent are protected from harm, danger, and evil will Jonathan’s mission be over. This is Jonathan’s plea for help—his call for action. Will you please look around you and see who could use your assistance? Will you please step outside your comfort zone and lift the weary, comfort the sick, and bring relief to the poor? Will you please make your home a happy place to live and invite others to come in and share of your blessings? Will you please support your communities and help them become safe places for everyone to enjoy? Will you please put down the pointing finger of judgment and extend a hand of sweet friendship to everyone you meet?

I will always be deeply affected by Jonathan’s courageous life. I will always be deeply affected by his tragic death. I will never forget the many things I have learned throughout my life because of his fearless example of compassion, helpfulness, service, and love. I am accepting the challenge Jonathan gave me to help the addicted, the mentally ill, the poor, the suffering, and the destitute. Please join me in Jonathan’s crusade to love everyone with Christ-like charity and find a way to help those who are truly in need. This is my hope, and his, for a better world.

Jonathan's Mission

I believe Jonathan is going to change the world.