The Call of Love

Image source:  Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, young men can volunteer and accept a “call” as a full-time missionary for two years beginning at the age of eighteen. Young women can serve for a one and one-half year mission at the age of nineteen.

Many years ago, I wrote this poem after observing some sweethearts who struggled to say goodbye to each other when leaving on missions. This poem is dedicated to those beautiful young couples whose love is pure and true but making the decision to go on a mission is difficult.


The Call of Love

Love beckoned . . .
The decision waited . . .

“Why?” I whispered.
“Our love is yet so young
and needs much nourishment.
Its tender branches cannot bear the
harsh winds of sudden separation.
If you go away for two long years,
I fear our love will fade,
leaving empty memories
of the happiness we shared
and the life we could have had.”

“Yes, love, your words are true.
 I feel them as much as you do.
We’ve much to learn, to love, to live
before really knowing one another
as only sweethearts can.
But the love we share together
cannot lessen the caring of
one Eternal Father
as He waits, watches and wonders
if I will answer His call of love—to serve a mission—
and in serving Him,
 learn to serve and love you even more
as both of us reach outside ourselves
 to touch others with our love.
 For isn’t service love?”

Love beckoned . . .
The call came . . .

“Go,” I dutifully agreed,
as the Holy Spirit touched my aching heart.
“Go and serve our God
as you deepen your own roots
that as a tree you may grow strong,
 limb by limb,
until your calling is done,
 and you return to me
standing straight and tall,
a giant in life’s forest of service,
knowing and loving yourself,
our God,
and me.”