Wings of Glory: The Story behind the Songs


My purpose in writing the songs and stories for Wings of Glory was threefold. First, I wanted to inspire my son, Jonathan, with the confidence that he could break free from addiction’s chains of bondage. Second, I wanted to help each of my children, my husband, and myself heal from the pain and sorrow we have endured as a family the last several years. Third, I wanted to reach out with a message of hope to everyone who has suffered from the devastation and despair of addiction.


Wings of Glory: Addiction, Recovery, and High Self-esteem


The book, Wings of Glory: Addiction, Recovery, and High Self-esteem, has been written for many audiences. It is for anyone who is suffering from any type of addiction or compulsive behavior and for the families and friends of those who are suffering from these distressing problems.

It is for anyone who has given up on life and desperately needs new hope. It is for anyone who wants to rebuild or strengthen family relationships. It is for anyone who wants to learn how to find and keep true friends.

It is for anyone who has ever questioned whether there really is a God. It is for anyone who wants to prevent addictive and compulsive behavior or wants to discover high self-esteem. 


Living Drug-free Workbook


This workbook is designed to help people recover from addictions and also to help prevent addictions in the first place.


ABC's for a Happy Marriage: A Collection of Original Poetry and Biblical Scriptures


Beginning with the letter A for Appreciation and ending with Z for Zeal, this little book contains twenty-six profound truths—one for each letter of the alphabet.

Each poem is accompanied by an insightful scripture from the Bible that supports each of these truths.