Wings of Glory: Addiction, Recovery, and High Self-Esteem

Part I: The Beginning

Table of Contents
No One Is a Lost Cause
Overview of Book

Part II: My Story—Addiction in the Home

Rehabs and Relapse
Producing the album—Wings of Glory: Songs of Hope and Healing from Addiction
Writing the Book—Wings of GloryThe Story behind the Songs

Part III: The Healing Power of Music

The Story behind the Songs
The Sorrow
The Hope
The Healing

Listen Now

Part IV: Addiction—Recovery, Prevention, and High Self-Esteem


Five Elements of Recovery
Using the Album
Wings of Glory for Recovery
Jonathan’s Recovery Story
Suggestions for Parents—Dealing with Addiction


Five Elements of Prevention
Using the Album Wings of Glory for Prevention
Where Does Drug Addiction Begin?
Suggestions for Parents—A Guide to Drug Prevention

High Self-esteem

Five Elements of High Self-esteem
Using the Album
Wings of Glory for High Self-Esteem
Building a Spiritual Foundation
13 Choices for Happiness and High Self-esteem

Part V: Embracing the Five Elements - Stories and Suggestions

Faith in God

Why I Have Faith
Life’s Beautiful Attitudes
God’s Timeless Truths
Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Desire for Change

Overcoming Addictions and Compulsive Behaviors
Spiritual Keys: Repentance and Forgiveness
“When I Do Good, I Feel Good”
Ideas for a Happy, Healthy Life


Community Involvement
Educational Opportunities
Physical Fitness
Church Participation

Family Love

Suggestions for Strong Families  
Healing Hearts through Music
Scripture Time
Love at Home?

Friends with Integrity

You Are Not Alone
Making Friends
Keeping Friends
Getting Out of Unhealthy Relationships

Part VI: The Ending

Conclusion: Believe
Appendix: Suggested Books, Websites, and Music
Biographical Sketch